Participation at the „Maltesers soup“ campaign events

Participation at the „Maltesers soup“ campaign events

“Maltesers Soup” is a traditional charity event organized by the Order of Malta Relief Organization in Lithuania before Christmas, the aim of which is to raise funds for socially vulnerable elderly people and services for them.

The Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Lithuania took part in the “Maltesers Soup” event at the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 14th.

The Ambassador filled the first cup of soup together with the Chancellor of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Inga Cherniuk.

The “Malteser soup” event attracted a large crowd of employees and guests of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and helped to spread a positive message to the media about the Order of Malta and Lithuanian Maltesers’ services to the old, lonely, and sick people across the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a press release about the event on its website.

The Ambassador and his family also participated in another “Malteser soup” event in the city of Panevezys (140 km from Vilnius) on December 17th. An event was organized at the big sports arena and attracted many Panevezys citizens.

This time the Ambassador and his family (daughters and grandchildren) filled the first cups of hot soup together with the mayor of Paneveys, Mr. Rytis Mykolas Rakauskas. The Ambassador invited the mayor to lunch following the event.

During the lunch, the Ambassador discussed the social services in Panevezys and Malteser activities in this city. The mayor told the Ambassador that he has good relationships and communication with local Maltesers and always takes part in their public events.