Ambassador of the Order of Malta Receives Prestigious Award for Philanthropic Activities in Lithuania

Ambassador of the Order of Malta Receives Prestigious Award for Philanthropic Activities in Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania – In the ceremony held on 6th July, Lithuanian State day, Lithuania’s President, Gitanas Nausėda, bestowed the Knight’s Cross of the Order “For Merits to Lithuania” upon H. E. Mag. Manfred Leo Mautner Markhof, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Order of Malta to Lithuania.

The distinguished honor was awarded in recognition of Ambassador Markhof’s outstanding philanthropic initiatives and socially significant support projects implemented throughout Lithuania.

Ambassador Markhof, who has been serving as the Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Lithuania on an unpaid basis since 2018, has been an active member of the Austrian Order of Malta since 1974.

Throughout his tenure, Ambassador Markhof has gone above and beyond his diplomatic duties, engaging in philanthropic endeavors that have had a profound impact on Lithuanian society.

One of Ambassador Markhof’s notable achievements was the initiation of collaboration between the Lithuanian Maltesers and the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence. Through his relentless efforts, a cooperative agreement was signed on 10th December 2020 between the Lithuanian Armed Forces and the Lithuanian Order of Malta Relief Organisation.

This agreement facilitates joint trainings, seminars, and the sharing of best practices in emergency preparedness. Furthermore, it promotes the socialization of children and young people by providing information on military service and national defense through the Lithuanian Orthodox Church, aiming to foster national values, patriotism, and civic-mindedness.

The Ambassador’s personal commitment to youth volunteering, assisting the disabled, and supporting those facing serious illnesses has also left an indelible mark on Lithuania. He actively fostered cooperation with the Catholic Church in Lithuania and generously financed the publication of the Order of Malta Prayer Book, a remarkable 640-page publication that garnered immense appreciation from the leaders of the Lithuanian Church.

Additionally, Ambassador Markhof’s unwavering support extended to the Vilnius Pal. Kun.Mykolas Sopočka Hospice, where he personally contributed funds to purchase a specialized medical van for home visits to palliative patients.

Since 2018, he has also generously supported the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, along with numerous other public initiatives across Lithuania, demonstrating his deep commitment to the country.

The award ceremony, was attended by his spouse, H. E. Friederike Princess Mautner von Markhof, and his son Manfred.

The President of Lithuania commended Ambassador Markhof for his outstanding dedication, emphasizing that his selfless actions have positively impacted countless lives in Lithuania and strengthened the bond between the Order of Malta and the Lithuanian people.

The Lithuanian people, alongside the President and esteemed guests, expressed their heartfelt gratitude for Ambassador Markhof’s invaluable contributions, making the award ceremony an unforgettable testament to the power of philanthropy and humanitarianism.

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